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This book tag was created by Agnes Mcflurry. Please credit her and her channel, Madness With Agnes, when using tag. With this tag, you yourself will create your own CGI heavy apocalypse blockbuster using a book of your choice.


First select the type of "apocalypse" you want to cover. They are:

  • Deadly Virus - A book that is popular.
  • Water World - A book that drowns you with feels.
  • Thermonuclear War - A book that blew your mind.
  • The Living Dead - A book you feel is underrated.
  • Revelations - A book with religious themes.

Once you have selected a book, answer the following questions about it:

  1. Get to Safety - A place or setting in the book that you’d like to visit.
  2. Get Some Food - Is there a food item in the book you would like to try?
  3. Survive The Night - Name what you feel is the darkest moment in the book.
  4. Making Allies - Name a character from the book you would love to team up with.
  5. Fighting Enemies - An unpopular opinion about the book.
  6. Weapons - How good of a weapon could this book be if used as a projectile?
  7. An Unknown Future - Would you read the sequel, if not or it doesn’t have a sequel, pitch one.