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You must get a timer and put 1 minute and 30 seconds on it, then start that timer, and in that time you must try and get as many of these books as possible:

Book Tower Challenge:
1.) A first book in a series.
2.) A second book in a different series.
3.) A book with blue on the cover.
4.) A book that's title is 7 letters long. No more, no less.
5.) A book you've never read.
6.) A book with the sky on it.
7.) An author with the same first letter of their forename as yours (for me that would be J for Joel eg. J.K Rowling).
8.) A classic.
9.) A non-fiction.
10.) A book with four or more colours on its spine.
11.) A book that says "#1 New York Times Bestseller" on the front... yes these are very precise things you need to find.
12.) The smallest (smallest width and length, not just by pages) book on your shelf.
13.) The latest book you bought (if you bought more than one at once, just pick one of those at random).
14). A book that has a cover with a face on it.
15.) A spin-off book.
16.) A book that was published over 10 years ago.
17.) A book with a sequel coming out next year.
18.) An author who has got the same first letter of their forename as their surname.
19.) A book with an epilogue.
20.) And lastly, a book that has a title that features a made up word.

Then get the pile of books you have manged to get in time, make sure that they are in order from books 1 - how many you manged to get in the time, as they are ordered on the list. Make sure all the books fit what the list said for it.

Then you must get a timer and set it for 1 minute and in that time alphabetically order the books by the first letter of the title of the book, and pile them from bottom-to-top. So if your first book started with an A, it would go at the bottom, then if your last book ended with a Z, it would go at the top of the pile. Books that titles are begin with a number will start after Z and go from 1 at bottom and 9 at top.

If there are books not on pile or in the wrong place after this time, they have to be removed from the pile.

The amount of books you have on your pile at the end is your final score.

Then challenge/tag who you want to the challenge next.

Good luck :).

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