Booktube Wiki
Name Creator Type Year Started Notes
Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag Nathan Hale 2015
This Book Tag Is Full Of Pride Irish Reader 2017
Soundtrack To My Life Book Tag Jenni King 2015
Rapid Fire Book Tag GirlReading 2016
New To Booktube tag Between Chapters 2014
Nephilim Tag Jony Reads
Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag ReadLikeWildfire Earl Grey Books 2015
Inside Out Book Tag Kristina Horner 2015
Confidential Bookshelf Tag fictionalgooseberry 2014
Coffee Book Tag BangadyBangz 2015
Book Colour Tag bookswithdylan 2013
Birthstone Book Tag Jay G 2016
Bedtime Book Tag KellyRob 2014
Anonymous Bookaholic Tag 2020
Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag Book Syrup / Bookables 2018
Book Cake Tag sunddenlylorna Book Selecting The booktuber must select books to create a recipe - the recipe is made up of different "ingredients" that relate to books.
Booktube Newbie Tag Brenda C. Questions/Introduction The tag consists of questions that introduces them to the community.
Booktube Oldie Tag monica kim Questions Booktubers who have been around a while can reflect on their time in the community
Booktube Anniversary Tag Book Your Imagination Questions This tag consists of questions about the Booktuber and their channel when the channel has an anniversary.
Goodreads Tag ? Questions This tag consists of various questions that relate to goodreads.
Book Sacrifice Tag Ariel Bisset Book Selecting/Scenarios The tag consists on various scenarios where you have to sacrifice a book.
Book Tower Challenge joelBOOKS Challenge In the challenge, the person must collect 20 books in a certain time limit and then rearrange them in alphabetically order. Closely related to: The Rainbow Tower Challenge.
Musical Theatre Tag somethinglikelydia Book Selecting This tag consists of picking books based on question inspired by Musical Theatre
Name Book Tag ? Book Selecting Spell your name in book titles
Ruler of Books Tag Ariel Bissett Book Selection Select books based on a set of questions about what the world of books should be like
Cliches Tag Miranda Hayes Book Selection Select books based on a set of questions about cliches.
25 Bookish Facts About Me ? Share 25 book related facts about yourself
Bookish Bookin Book Tag Bekah AwesomeBookNut Book Selecting Select books based on a set of questions about various bookish topics.
Intimidating TBR Pile Tag Lindsey Rey Book Selecting Select books based on a set of questions about why you haven't read them yet
Unpopular Opinions Book Tag TheBookArcher Book Selecting 2015 Select books based on a set of questions about unpopular opinions

NY Times By the Book Tag MarieBerg Book Selecting Select books based on the questions in the New York Times By the Book col
Reading stoic Stoicismus Book Selecting
Reading Vs Writing VeeTheFangirl Book Selecting differences between reading a book to writing one.
Reading Habits Tag TheBookJazz Questions Answering questions about how you read and treat your books.
12 Days of Christmas Book Tag The Cozy Library Book Selecting Picking up books based on the 12 Days of Christmas song

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